A London based large corporate firm, with its own financial services arm consisting of 500 staff in 30 locations, has selected Resilience XT as their platform of choice for business continuity.

The firm had previously used consultants who would come once a year to write documents. However, these would quickly fall out of date due to the growing and changing nature of the organisation.

“It was like working with our own in-house development team, except better because when we sat with our implementation consultant and explained what we wanted or how we wanted to changed – he would sit with us for the day and then a week later come back with a dozen or so changes. We could then review them and deployment was within days!”
SNX understand the issues facing financial services firms and can respond quickly to deliver bespoke solutions that immediately add value. In this case the Resilience XT was customised to fit organisational needs, allowing key individuals to fill in questionnaires on a periodic basis, and from this, regulatory reports and operational plans generated. The Management benefited from having access to dashboards to give them visibility of what has gone on in the approval process and with submissions.

“We are extremely excited by this latest development” said Joe Sluys, CEO of SNX Systems. “The system is already delivering tangible efficiencies and talking to the firm about further integration of their data sources using the XT platform”.

About SNX Systems: Headquartered in London and with operations in Edinburgh and New York, SNX operates exclusively in the capital markets. SNX develops and supplies flexible, innovative GRC, CRM, client engagement and research distribution solutions to investment banks, institutional brokers and independent research providers based on its proprietary platform technology.

For more information contact: sales@SNXsystems.com