Business Intelligence

Our client intelligence service provides your business with detailed and trusted information for proactive customer relationship management, powering insights into your business and helping you to focus on the right sales activity. Through a custom-configured user interface, you are presented with multiple views, charts, and reports on clients. See the ‘big picture’ of all your client interaction and activity for more efficient and effortless client management as all of your previously unconnected data becomes connected.

Configurable to the needs and operations of any firm, the application drives business process efficiencies, delivering significant return on investment. We’ve also ensured that all aspects of our application are fully auditable for compliance.

The flexibility of our client intelligence application makes it compatible with a range of Financial Services (FS) sectors, including:

  • Asset & Fund Management
  • Execution Only Brokers
  • Full Service Brokers
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Asset & Fund Management

Whether you are a small boutique firm or a global player, our XT platform for asset and fund managers offers the full flexibility and range of client relationship and intelligence features to suit and enhance your business operations.

The key benefits for you:

  • Synchronisation with all of your upstream systems means that all the necessary and important data that you need is there at your fingertips. This helps ensure accurate and connected data is available to all of those who need it and have the appropriate permissions to view it, anywhere and anytime, in turn enabling them to better service your customers.
  • Visualisations and charting functionalities allow all of your connected data to be shown in visual forms, helping you to quickly understand what is happening across your business.
  • Email integration and workflows allow the production of bespoke HTML based email marketing campaigns. These can be tracked and linked with the specific client records.
  • Client reporting with our unique XML editing technology allows for automated production of bespoke client reports, calling upon all data from your upstream systems. These reports can be produced as PDFs or made available to clients via a secure client portal.
    Developed with mobility and scalability in mind, our XT-based application can be accessed by you anytime and from anywhere. This means you can create and update your investor data on the go as and when you need to.

Execution Only Brokers

Running on our state-of-the-art XT platform, our application for execution only brokers monitors all engagements and services provided to both institutional and retail clients. Through integration with your existing data, it allows for immediate and comprehensive data review and analysis, adding real business value.

The key benefits for you:

  • Client Reporting tracks your interactions with your clients, and includes their feedback from meetings. Used in conjunction with the client monitor, you are able to assess your client relationship management on a new granular level, allowing you to really develop your client relationship management.
  • Manager Reports incorporate feedback and commission to drive staff workflow and focus on which tasks need to be assigned to specific individuals within the management team.
  • Event driven Action Prompts drive workflow efficiency, helping you to highlight which clients need the most attention and management. Prompts are generated to your specific needs, taking into consideration your specific data.

Full Service Brokers

Designed by market professionals for full service brokers, BrokerXT is our bespoke browser-based client relationship management system.

With full functionality specific for every broking area, the key benefits are:

  • The unique Client 360 feature, which provides comprehensive views and reports on all interactions with corporate and institutional clients. Encompassing data such as commission, roadshow meetings, and calls, Clients 360 gives you a detailed yet concise centralised overview of your clients, allowing you to pinpoint which activities need the most attention and use of resources.
  • Research Preferences can be attributed to selected clients and granulated to concrete specifications, such as stock, sector, or analyst.
  • Relationships are mapped, from client to corporate. As well as the ability to track clients from research through to meetings and feedback, our application also provides management of corporate finance relationships. This feature displays all interaction with a given corporate client, tracking corporate prospects and recording client connections.