XT Software Platform for Business Intelligence and GRC

SNX’s XT software platform has been built specifically for the Financial Services sector to allow businesses the production of enterprise class applications in a fraction of the time compared with traditional development environments. Through the use of a declarative XML syntax, developers can concentrate on creating business focused solutions, allowing the XT platform to take care of the complexities of the underlying technologies.

Scalable to enterprise level, the platform’s products, Broker XT and Resilience XT, are used by both large global organisations and smaller financial enterprises to assist with client relationship management and risk and compliance respectively. Both products have been created to accommodate and keep up with the changing regulatory landscape of the FS sector. Moreover, the platform and its products change with your business, ensuring continued integration of new developments and data.

Solutions powered by the XT platform provide a rich personalised HTML 5 user interface, designed and optimised for multi-device anytime access and ease of navigation. The unique XT platform engine is powered by class leading technologies. It integrates with your existing systems and security infrastructure, and provides a flexible application development framework that is extensible, as well as providing many integrations with third party data feeds. Additionally, the XT platform can be hosted either on a public or private cloud, or on your premises.


Gain competitive edge through a flexible and powerful CRM

  • Maximize revenue generating activities
  • Sophisticated data analysis tools
  • Enterprise wide intelligence monitoring
  • Fully transparent to aid compliance
  • Instant access to valuable client intelligence



Plan and manage revenue generating activities

  • Measure interactions
  • Full visibility across the business means internal resources can be streamlined
  • Prioritize important opportunities
  • Persuasively engage with investors and corporates



A complete solution delivering maximum efficiency

  • Positive client engagement
  • Productive research distribution
  • Client service reporting
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • One platform solution, enterprise wide
  • Fast and seamless implementation