Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Designed specifically for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), our systems application minimises risk, maximises compliance, and enhances operational risk best practices.

Our technology seamlessly integrates with a variety of your other applications and data sources. This greater flexibility provides you with powerful tools to analyse and draw together your previously disconnected data. Tailor-made and configured precisely to your needs, our GRC application gives you maximum efficiency and eliminates the complexity of developing a new application from scratch.

The application is fully auditable and automated, representing a single version of the truth. Performance is enhanced; costs are driven down; and risk assessment becomes more comprehensive than a manual review. The greater visibility, control, and efficiency of our GRC application provides better protection at a time when cyber-attacks are increasing rapidly.

Dynamic charts displaying aggregated data, enabling powerful management overview and control.

Powerful workflow creation, overview and reporting for Testing (e.g. Homeworking, Site, Application).

Coverage Data charts to quickly identify staff, departments, locations, etc. lacking plan inclusion.

Made for you

Every business is different. It is essential that a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) solution is able to adapt to the requirements of the business and their existing methodologies. Screens and APIs are provided as starting points, based upon the knowledge gained from working closely with large organisations on bespoke BCP solutions. These existing functionalities are then configured to match business requirements and fully enable that business to reach its Business Continuity potential.


  • Designed by experienced professionals
  • Configurable to specific needs and operations
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing data repositories
  • Facilitates data capture, scenario modelling and document production
  • Helps drive business process efficiencies and maximise ROI
  • Hosted internally on dedicated hardware or in cloud-based environments

What makes it so different?

  • Easy to use wizards to help you to define your own BIA and Risk Assessment approach
  • Complex Workflow and Business Rules to automate policy decisions and generate actions and reviews
  • Scenario Modeller to help develop a range of options
  • Document Production from the smallest e-wallet cards to complex Runbooks
  • Deep Generic Integration of record systems
  • Powerful Testing Tools